a few words about ringsideimages.ca

After almost 30 years of professional dog show photography owner Dean Dennis is proud to announce his new company name and website: RingSideImages.ca.

A native of Prince Edward Island, Dean Dennis' photographic beginnings actually stemmed from his service in the Canadian Armed Forces. This veteran was a combat engineer as well as an army photographer.

Engineer and Photographer in the army - Dean Dennis
Dean Dennis in the 1980's with old school camera
Photographer Dean Dennis Today
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After serving his country from 1975-1987 Dean began photography at dog shows; starting at the Fredericton Kennel Club All Breed Kennel Club in the same year of his retirement from the army.


"After almost 30 years in the business I am proud to announce my new website RingSideImages.ca" -Dean Dennis

After the Fredericton show Dean's reputation for quality shots took off and he went on to shoot dog shows across Atlantic Canada. He has done official dog show photos as far east as Newfoundland, and as far west as Winnipeg under his original company name Dean Dennis Photography. He then became C. Dean Dennis Photographic Arts, and is now in the process upgrading his services by going online with his new brand RingSideImages.ca.

Dean Dennis has now settled in the Kingston area of Ontario and continues to serve both Quebec and Ontario kennel clubs. He offers more than official winning shots, his services also include ring side candid shots and still portraits of your dog at great prices.

RingSideImages.ca is in the developmental stage with many exciting features to come soon. If you would like to provide your feedback we would love to receive it through our contact page.

what we offer

Ring Side Shots

Capture your dogs incredible movement, beautiful expression, and more with candid shots in the ring. A great addition for your own website.

Official Portraits

*Coming Soon. Look for great deals from past shows from 2015 and before. Check out proofs from shows in 2016 too.

Dog Portraits

Schedule a portrait appointment at an upcoming show, or if you live in the Kingston are have Dean Dennis come to you.